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Destination Dominica

Dominica Awaits

For everyone who travels with a passion, not just to see things... but to make discoveries.

You'll remember the small coastal towns. The rugged mountains of the interior where lush rainforest dramatically rises from the sea to over 4,000 feet offering a variety of guided hiking excursions to heated thermal pools, waterfalls and the world's second largest boiling lake. Where 365 rivers dissect the countryside boasting 172 types of birds including two endangered types of parrots and over a thousand varieties of flowers and plants.

You'll remember whale watching, which at peak season in Dominica boasts 80% sighting rate with graceful Sperm Whales, Humpback Whales, Cow Whales and Dolphin providing nearly year-round exhilaration.

Perhaps you'd prefer to Scuba Dive or Snorkel amongst some of the Caribbean's finest reef and vibrant marine life.

Most of all you'll remember a native people with a culture so rich in heritage that the oldest working Caribe Indian tribe still works the land with modest homes and small farms enjoying lives of simple abundance. An industrious people who's smiles and hospitality are warmer than Dominica's tropical climate.

A full measure of tranquil tropicality - life lived in harmony between both the earth and the ocean where a dedicated staff will do everything in their power to make your stay as satisfying and relaxing as possible. A reputation built on hospitality and sharing much as Ma Perryman always did, treating each and every guest as a member of the family.

In addition to diving and whale-watching activities, you can arrange guided tours and hiking excursions to any site on Dominica, from Ti-Tou Gorge to the Boiling Lake to breathtaking waterfalls set deep in the rainforest.

On Dominica, you'll lack only one thing... enough time to do it all!

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Nestled at the edge of Roseau (capital town) on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea - cradled in the majestic beauty of Dominica's mountainous landscape, is the Fort Young Hotel, Dominica's premier oceanfront hotel. Ideally suited to both the business and the leisure traveler offering luxury, style and convenience unsurpassed whose old world charm comes from the combination of unique architecture, rich history, stunning Caribbean views and a courteous and passionate staff.

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